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About Greenleaf Power


Greenleaf Power is a California-based company that is committed to providing reliable green power for North America.

We power our facilities by making efficient use of biomass material that is otherwise underutilized.  First, Greenleaf Power collects residual material from agricultural, construction and timber industries, as well as municipalities. These materials consist of wood products from construction and demolition sites, tree prunings and stumps as well as larger vines, corn and rice shucks.  Using proven technologies, we then convert this material into electricity.  The process creates carbon-neutral electricity and diverts material that would otherwise decompose or be burned in open fires.

In addition, the company creates local jobs with every plant in operation.  Today, Greenleaf Power employs more than 120 people who specialize in green energy production, and according to industry standards, an additional 460 are dedicated indirect jobs – mostly in the gathering, processing, and delivery of our biomass fuel.  Instead of relying on fossil fuels transported from far away, we turn to local farmers, forest managers, and recyclers to provide the fuel for our facilities.

Greenleaf Power began in 2010 with the purchase of Honey Lake Power Plant in Northern California.  Since that time, the company has added additional biomass facilities in Northern and Southern California and has become one of the largest biomass companies in the Country.